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Any job that is currently in the Tracking System will appear in one of the lists on the Jobs page. Access to this page is dependent on your access level.

You can click on any job in these lists to view its details, equipment, tasks, uninvoiced charges and any notes added by staff members to the job.

You can also add a dry hire job to the Tracking System by clicking on Jobs Add Dry Hire.JPG at the top right of the page. See Dry Hire for more information on these types of jobs.

Job categories[edit]

Jobs are categorised by their type:

Jobs Tabs.jpg

You can use the search box Jobs Search.JPG at the top of the page to find jobs in these lists.

(1) These will appear in the Tracking System when the first task for this job is initiated from eBoard, or if the job is added to the Tracking System through eBoard's Dashboard area.

Job information and search[edit]

Each job entry on the lists shows a subset of details:

Job Subset.JPG

  • # - the job number/ID. If the job is an eBoard job, this will be the same number across the systems.
  • Client - the client's name and the description of work activity.
  • P/O - the job's purchase order number (if available).
  • Address - the job's location and your reference number (if available).
  • eBoard - a tick EBoard Tick.JPG will show if this job is an eBoard job.
  • Start - the start date of the job. This is the date the job has been created in the Tracking System, either through eBoard or by adding a dry hire job.
  • End - the end date of the job. Jobs will show as 'Ongoing', unless an end date has been supplied in the job's details or it has been completed/cancelled.
  • Status - the job's Tracking System status.

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