Dry Hire

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Dry hire is a term used for jobs that are for equipment hire and any related drop-off/pick-up tasks only.

Adding a dry hire job is accessible to a User with access level permissions higher than Basic User Plus.


The following fields are available when adding a dry hire job:

  • Client (required) – You can choose from a list of your eBoard clients or you can freehand a client name.
  • Location (required)
  • Job Reference (required)
  • Contact Person (required)
  • Contact Details (Phone/Email) (required)
  • Quote Reference/Rate
  • P/O Number (required)
  • Start Date (required)
  • End Date – If the end date of the job is not known, you can indicate the job is “Ongoing” using the check-box below this field.
  • Hire Items to be collected/delivered - Any relevant notes can be entered here

To create the dry hire job, click Create-dry-hire-job.JPG This will take you to the job's details page.