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The job details screen is where you can manage the job's status, details, equipment and tasks, add one-off charges, create invoices and view the job's history. Access to this page is dependent on your access level.

Job status

The job's tracking status is displayed beside the job number at the top of the page. This status is different to the eBoard job status.


The job's tracking status reflects the current state of your job in the Tracking system:

  • Pending - dry hire and eBoard jobs will have this status when they are created in the Tracking system
  • Scheduled - when the first task is created for a job
  • Active - when equipment is loaded onto the job
  • Returned - when equipment is returned for the job (i.e. equipment is 'zeroed out')
  • Ready to be invoiced - when a job has an eBoard job status of 'Job Completely Finished' (a dry hire or TMP only job cannot have this status)
  • Complete - when a job's final invoice has been created
  • Cancelled - when a job has been cancelled

Job details


In this section of the page, you can view and edit the job's details.

For dry hire jobs, you can edit all fields.

For eBoard jobs, you can only edit the job's start and end dates. All other job information must be managed from eBoard.



Any equipment added to a job can be seen in this section.

Equipment can be added to a job via the job details page by clicking Equipment-edit.JPG or via the Actions menu item, which will take you to a new screen.


To add a new product, click Equipment-add-line.JPG

You can choose a new product from the list or begin typing to find the product.


You must complete the quantity and price to be able to save. You cannot enter duplicate products.



Any tasks for a job can be seen in this section.

Clicking on a task will take you to the task's details.

Tasks can be added via the job details page by clicking Add-task-charge-note.JPG or via the Actions menu item.

Uninvoiced charges


Charges that have not been added to an invoice will show in this section.

One-off charges

One-off charges can be added to a job by clicking Add-task-charge-note.JPG or via the Actions menu item. This will show a dialog where you can add details about the charge.


All fields must be completed to save the one-off charge.

Job history

The job history section is where you can view a log of actions done with regard to a job.


Each entry shows who completed the action, when the action was done and the details of the action.

Client sign-off

Completing a client sign-off via the job details page gives you the ability to have a client acknowledge and agree to the equipment hired for a job, as well as other details. This function may be especially useful when hiring equipment for a dry hire job.

A client sign-off can be added by clicking Client-sign-off.JPG or via the Actions menu item, which will show a dialog to complete.


To show the hired equipment, click the check-box 'Signing for equipment'.


All fields marked with a Red-asterisk.JPG must be completed. The 'Sign-here' box can also be used with touch screens to capture the client's signature.

When equipment is returned, the quantities can be updated by editing the equipment. Another client sign-off can then be completed so the client can acknowledge that all equipment has been returned (i.e. the quantities of each item have returned to zero).

A client sign-off will be added to the job's history list.

Job note

A note for a job can be recorded that will show in the job history list.

A note can be added by clicking Add-task-charge-note.JPG or via the Actions menu item, which will show a dialog to complete.


You must complete the 'Note' field to save your note. You can also add an attachment to your note.

Menu items

View on eBoard

View-on-eboard.JPG Click to view your job on eBoard (only available for eBoard jobs).

Activate job

Activate-job.JPG Click to change your job's status from 'Pending' to 'Active'. This will only show if your job is 'Pending'.

A dialog will show asking if you wish to add a task to the job.


View Beast Mode

View-beast-mode.JPG Click to view your job's invoice(s). This will only show if your job has an invoice available.


Invoice-button.jpg Click to create either a progress invoice or final invoice for your job.


Actions-button.jpg Click to perform an action on your job (edit equipment, add a task, add a one-off charge, add a client sign-off or add a general note).

Cancel job

Cancel-job.JPG Click to cancel your job. Cancelled jobs can still be viewed in the job's list.

Re-open job

Reopen-job.JPG Click to re-open a complete or cancelled job.