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Any invoice that has been created in the Tracking System will appear in one of the lists on the Invoices page. Access to this page is dependent on your access level.

You can click on any invoice in these lists to view its details in Beast Mode.

Invoice categories[edit]

Invoices are categorised by:

  • To process - invoices that have just been created and have no further category associated with them.
  • Draft - when you click 'Save as draft' in Beast Mode, the invoice will be categorised as 'Draft'. The meaning associated with a 'Draft' invoice is up to you and may assist your invoicing workflow.
  • Complete - when you click 'Mark invoiced' in Beast Mode, the invoice will be categorised as 'Complete'.
  • Deleted - invoices that have been deleted in Beast Mode.

An example workflow is:

  • To process - the invoice has simply been created and no more
  • Draft - the invoice has been adjusted as necessary and is ready for approval or ready for export to a dedicated accounting system
  • Complete - the invoice has been entered into your accounting system or the invoice has been sent to the client
  • Deleted - the invoice was deleted

Each category has a tab displaying the number of invoices in that category. Clicking each tab changes the invoice list displayed. Each invoice list can be filtered by job type (eBoard, TMP Only or Dry Hire) and can also be searched. The search matches against: invoice number, PO number, job number, client name, client phone number, client email address, job address, job work activity, job contact name and job reference number.

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