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To export an invoice from the Tracking System:

  1. Open an invoice in Beast Mode. You can do this many ways, including:
    1. Pick it from the Invoice list
    2. Create a new invoice from a job
    3. Click the "View Beast Mode" button from a job
  2. Once in Beast Mode, make any required adjustments to the figures.
  3. Once you're ready to configure the export, click the "Preview export" button.
  4. This page provides some different collation options to let you configure how the invoice will be built.
  5. Once you're ready to create the export, click the "Export" button and the exported spreadsheet will automatically download.

Here's a link to a video which shows the process in action: http://bit.ly/rd_export-invoice2

All the account codes are configurable via the Tracking System Settings. This includes labour rates, vehicle rates and products and also for when all charges are collated together (i.e. single invoice line for grand total) or when equipment charges are collated together (e.g. invoice line per day for equipment charges, or single invoice line for total equipment charge).