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How Do I? Check all jobs are invoiced[edit]

To check that no jobs have missed being invoiced:

  1. Check that the "To Process" and "Draft" tabs on the Invoices page are clear and that the "Ready to invoice" tab on the Jobs page is clear. This will catch all the jobs which have been closed off correctly (i.e. by clicking "Create Final Invoice"), or have not been closed off yet but have had their job status updated to "Complete" via the eBoard job status.
  2. Set your eBoard calendar to the period you want (e.g. start date June 1st and 30 days), and check that any job you expect to be invoiced has a tick on the very left-hand side (the "C" column). The tick will display when a completed invoice is detected for that day. This will pick up any eBoard jobs that haven't been closed/invoiced. If a job has not been closed, but does have a complete (marked as invoiced) progress invoice for a given day, you will see a check mark.

Note that the above process only picks up scheduled eBoard jobs, and won't detect any un-invoiced TMP Only or Dry Hire jobs. To determine that these have been invoiced, you should check the "Dry hire" and "TMP only" tabs on the Jobs page of the Tracking System. Any jobs on these tabs have not had their final invoice created. Once they do, they will move to the "Complete" tab.

To make an invoice complete, use the "Mark invoiced" button

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