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The eBoard has a competency system, which provides both automated and visual feedback to the user, based on various attributes of staff, jobs and vehicles.

Competency Checks The system looks for these key aspects so it is important that you have the correct details entered for your staff) and vehicles, and when creating jobs so the system can pop up alerts if there is an incorrect match of staff to truck, truck to job, or staff to a job etc. The system looks for the following and if it doesn’t have the correct match as per your settings allocated to each then an alert will pop up. You can override the alert but it’s a very important reminder so you know what you are overriding.

  1. When allocating vehicles the system will check if the vehicle type matches the correct road level on the job
  2. When allocating vehicles & Staff allocated to a job the system will check it’s suitable for the allocated person to drive or operate it.
  3. When allocating staff the system will check that they have the correct qualifications for the road level selected on the job
  4. When allocating staff the system will check for compatibility with other staff they’re paired with, for example: minimum TC, drivers licences, points ratings. For more info see Staff Competency Checks.
  5. When allocating staff the system will check their availability between the start and end time of the job (i.e. if they have any annual leave, appointments etc. recorded)

Labour Points system The objective behind this is to get the highest standard of pairing and split of staff on each TTM job each day, as well ensuring accelerated and quality training by pairing inexperienced staff with more experienced staff.

You need 4 points to make a job happen, minimum pairing is 2 with a 2 to make 4 points, or a 4 point person always paired with a 1 Point person. If it’s 1 man job then minimum would be 4 points person setting up, paired with 2 point to maintain only.

You can also use this system to downgrade staff if you feel they need be paired more experienced person to gain extra training and knowledge or in the case of a non-conformance or other incident triggering re-training etc.

To gain 2 points you would expect they have the competencies to set up basic sites.

Qualifications & other system checks This works independently to the Competencies Point checks i.e. it’s checking TC and STMS qualifications. The system will still look for a minimum of a TC when pairing staff regardless of their points grading, whereas the Competencies checks are for ensuring an even distribution of good staff over your jobs with inexperienced staff. The focus here is ensuring the formal qualification requirements are met as well as the practical requirements e.g. you may have a staff member with a high practical rating but has no qualification such as an expired STMS.

Another layer is built in to select if they are signed off for working on a high speed road i.e. over 65km/h and if not, regardless of their qualifications or Competencies points this will still flag as an alert when allocating staff to jobs as the system looks at the permanent speed limit of the individual job.

Vehicles When you enter the specifications for each vehicle and staff member, the system checks the pairings to make sure they have correct license to operate that vehicle as well as whether they have a manual license or if they can drive automatics only.

Availability If you have a staff member that has not completed your H&S induction yet and you don’t want them to appear in drop downs when allocating staff, or vehicles you don’t want to display when allocating to jobs (like managers utes) you can untick so that they are not available for TTM jobs and they won’t appear on the available lists. Examples could be that a truck is out of town or being repaired, or that a staff member is away on leave for an extended period so TTM managers don’t want them to display on the drop downs.

The Day Status coverage & capacities percentages Displayed up the top of each day on the Calendar view: vehicles and staff being used link into this for the totals available, any staff or vehicles left unticked won’t affect the % used.

This is a powerful tool for managers and owners to see when they are hitting peak resources, getting low on staff and vehicles or when they have resources unused etc and also seeing that TTM managers have allocated staff and vehicles for that day, total number of jobs and ratios.

Other qualifications In addition to the above automatic checks, the following qualifications can be set and manually checked.

You will see these qualifications when selecting staff and allocating them to jobs, but there won’t be an alert. You can visually cross-check that it matches the job specifications.

  • Construct Safe
  • First Aid
  • Mobile (capable of doing mobile TTM operations)
  • TMA (signed off and trained to drive a Truck Mounted Attenuator)

Temporary Traffic Management