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The calendar is the heart of the eBoard. A date range is provided with a start date and number of days to show on the board. It shows a panel for each day in the date range provided. Each panel has a Day Summary at the top, most of which is not visible to non-office users. This is followed by a table showing a row for each job booked on that day. Lastly, a daily note field is provided for notes not specific to a job (each job has its own daily notes), but specific to the day.

Each job row on the calendar has a "dotdotdot" context menu. Depending on your access level, the context menu options include:

  • View
    • View/Edit the job's details
  • Tracking
  • Map
    • View the job's location on a map
  • Photos
    • View the job's site photos
  • Email
    • Create an email template with the job's details
  • Add daily job note
    • Add a note to the job which will appear on the calendar
  • Job status
    • Update the job's status
  • Move start date
    • Move the job's start date to a new date
  • Extend job
    • Extend the job's end date
  • Record time
    • Record time for the job in Tracking (opens in a new window)